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Details around how care is provided

Prenatal visits are done in my clinic or at your home and usually last about one hour. The initial visit may take a little longer. Enough time is allotted to be sure that you have time to ask all your questions. For prenatal visits, you may come alone or bring your partner or children. All are welcome. 

During the first and second trimester, visits are scheduled every four weeks. After the 32nd week of pregnancy, visits are every two weeks until the last month, when weekly visits are recommended.

All standard prenatal tests are offered. Each visit consists of checking your physical well being, listening to baby’s heartbeat (after 10 weeks pregnancy), and discussing issues that come up in pregnancy.

For the birth, I come to your home once you are in active labor.  Maternal vitals and general well being are monitored throughtout labor. A Doppler is used at regular intervals to check the baby’s heart rate to make sure the little one is tolerating labor well. I do a complete newborn exam after the baby is born and stay for at least two hours to make sure you and baby are both physically well.  

The first postpartum visit is at your home. I check on the well being of you and your baby and make sure baby is nursing well.  Subsequent postpartum visits are done in my clinic or in your home with the final one being around week six.

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