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Mary Anne Brown, midwife

I have worked with women and children most of my adult life—first as a La Leche League Leader for nearly 10 years and then as a midwife for the next 28 years. I always knew my life would involve children.

I am a 5th generation Montanan. I learned that my great grandmother was also a midwife in the pioneer days. I grew up in the central part of Montana. I live in Great Falls and work out of Helena, Havre, and Great Falls. I have helped people from Butte to East Glacier.

My husband of 44 years and I have 4 children of our own and now have 12 grandchildren (I was present at all their births). We were homeschoolers and had our 3rd child at home. He was the largest of the crew at 10lbs.

My calling to midwifery came when I realized there was a care gap in pregnancy care, you could go to the doctor or have a do-it-yourself birth. Neither option seemed ideal to me. I started studying everything I could about midwifery and homebirth. Then licensure came to Montana. I entered a formal midwifery education program and acquired an apprenticeship with a senior midwife. It took five years to finish my training. I had attended over 100 births by that time. I started practicing on my own in 1990. I feel honored to be at births and have now attended over 500 births.

I believe that birth is a natural function of the body that in most cases will happen very nicely. I love this JOB!!